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May 2022

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Need a refresher on Special Relativity?

Hi Folks!

If you are a fan of physics, then you will be no stranger to every imaginable musing on the essential relativity-of and inevitable conjoining-of space and time. You will be no stranger to bizarre notions like the "block Universe" where all that has happened and will happen exist in some kind of pristine crystalline form in a literal timeless fashion.

Many a great physics book explores these enigmas, but few take the time to properly break down and outline the basis of all these conjectures: Special Relativity.

There is a book, which does do the above and in a very clear and concise manner from A to Z. The scope of the book is Relativity in the whole - the General theory included. As one can imagine however, the bulk of the book is dedicated to clearly explaining Special Relativity - for obvious reasons of complexity.

If you love physics, I highly recommend this book as it will leave you with no excuses for not being clear on Special Relativity in its entirety. Very well written. The book is a part of the "Very Short Introduction" series and written by Russell Stannard.

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