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Forum Sign-up Changes

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Hi people out there!

I have done no promotion of any kind regarding the Uraniborg Forum. I decided I would rather just activate the Forum, step back and see what pops up. I also have no intention of participating in the Forum myself. I want it to be purely for anyone who wants to express something interesting that has occurred to them relating to the theme here. When I have ideas to throw out there I put them in the Blog. The Forum is for anyone else and for anyone else that wants to reply constructively and respectfully to new posts. I want to stay out of that arena apart from intervening if necessary as a moderator.

As it looks like it may be a longer wait for someone to come along and write something in the Forum, I will for the time being, change the Sign-Up requirement requiring a brief e-mail describing your interest in the theme here. Nothing dramatic. During the longer wait for some forum members, it may be wise to prevent the entire - for now empty - forum to be over-run by someone with some other unrelated agenda. No elaboration necessary here I'm sure :)

So that's it. If you are inspired to write something on the forum, then please bear with me as I read your email and clear your account for active status.

For now please send above described Sign-Up e-mail to: admin@WantHumanityToSucceed.org


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