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May 2022

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First full-length Blog Post upcoming

Hi Folks!

Here is a rough preview of the first full length blog post. It will be about freeware software that I have been working on for some time. I have not worked on it at all for the past several months however, but I will re-engage with that project fully now in conjunction with this new website. It will be Free software which introduces the topics of Astronomy and Astrophysics in a fun way. It also includes a working simulation of our Solar System including Asteroids. The user will also be able to add their own catalog of Stars and Solar System objects.

Much more on this very shortly. The following brief video shows what looks like a pretty messy program. It's a work in progress and fair ways from "done" yet. The upcoming full-length Blog Post about this will contain several video clips of the various features. If you have an old pair of red/cyan glasses, find them. It will also have 3D mode.

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